How do I use Manhunt on my mobile device?

Feeling a little lost? No worries, we will guide you:


On the bottom of your screen, there are five icons:

- Men Online.

- Two bubbles (balloons): Click here to continue a conversation.

- Three horizontal lines: This will bring you to your Buddy List. At the top of the screen there are three icons (Buddy, Track and Block list).

- Magnifying lens: Search by username.

- Bell – Important messages from us (including promotions and special offers).


On the top of your screen there are two options:

- Top right-hand corner: These are all of your filters.

- Top left-hand corner (three yellow horizontal lines):  Manage your pictures and account, buy a membership/VIP, contact us and log off.


To start a conversation and access additional features

- Tap on the yellow balloon  on the right of the profile you wish to send a message.

- Tap on the “+” sign on the bottom left hand-corner to send/unlock photos, wink and share your current location.


Additional Conversation Features:


To delete a conversation:

- Tap on conversation balloons on the bottom of your screen.

- Tap on “Edit”.

- Tap on the “Red” circle.

- Tap on “Delete”.


To unlock photos:

- Tap on the profile you wish to unlock. Then tap on the top right hand-corner (yellow square with an arrow pointing up) icon. From here you will be able to unlock your pictures, block or report him.

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