What are the advantages of being an unlimited member?

Manhunt charges a small fee to enjoy the full benefits of the site but, unlike most sites, we do offer a free (limited) membership.

There are several Unlimited Access membership plans available - from 7 to 365 days.

Limited Access members:
- Unlimited conversations.
- Conversation history (up to two weeks).
- Starred conversation (1 only).
- can update their profile once in a 7 day period
- can have up to 20 buddies on their buddy list
- have limited access to profiles and mail features
- do not have the ability to view full-sized images

Unlimited Access members can:
- Unlimited conversation history (beyond two weeks).
- Unlimited starred (bookmarked) conversations.
- update their profile at any time
- have up to 1,000 buddies on their Buddy List
- save Advanced Searches feature
- block 1,000 members
- view full-size pictures
- change their username is also an exclusive feature for Unlimited Manhunt Members:
- Hundreds of videos available to stream and download
- Hot new scenes added every other day
- Browse, search and enjoy dozens of video categories
- Porn in the palm of your hand with mobile access

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